Have you felt this way about your life?

I understand how you feel because I’ve felt the same way. But there is hope!

You can overcome the chaos in your life one step at a time and with God on your side. And I believe that you were uniquely created by God to flourish as a woman, wife and mother.

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You’ll learn healthy mindsets and practices to help you navigate through your spiritual, marriage, family and ministry life without losing hope or feeling overwhelmed.

Aloha, I'm Anela

I wasn’t always a believer in Jesus, and I grew up most of my life thinking that I was “good.” Over the years, I realized that I couldn’t do life on my own or even with my husband, Chad. I needed, we needed, a Guide and a community of supporters who would speak life unto our lives, our marriage and our family.

After going through a life and death situation in 2021 and having 7 children, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through it all without God. God is good and He’s been good to me.

When you're starting to lose faith...

Life can deal you some bad hands at times, like it almost took me out in 2021, and you’ll definitely hit some tough seasons. But you don’t have to stay in that place. Whether you’re overwhelmed with your schedule, your responsibilities or you’re going through a life-altering struggle, know that God is with you! You may not see or hear Him, but if you stop to take a look and notice the little things, you’ll see His finger prints, and you’ll find the hope and encouragement that you need to get through.

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